The privacy of all users who use the service shall be respected and protected in DM. Moreover, DM shall use and disclose your personal information in accordance with the provisions of the Privacy Policy to provide you with more accurate and personalized services. Please believe that all your personal information will be treated by DM with a high degree of diligence and prudence. Except as otherwise provided in the Privacy Policy, DM shall never disclose or provide the information to any third party without your prior permission. Meanwhile, DM will update the Privacy Policy from time to time. By agreeing to the DM Service Usage Agreement, you are deemed to have agreed to the entire contents of the Privacy Policy. The Privacy Policy shall be an integral part of DM Service Usage Agreement.
Scope of Application:
a) 在您注册DM帐号时,根据DM要求提供的个人注册信息;
a) Personal registration information provided according to the requirements of DM when registering a DM account;
b) 在您使用DM网络服务,或访问DM钱包APP时,DM不会自动接收并记录的您的浏览器和计算机上的信息,包括但不限于您的IP地址、浏览器的类型、使用的语言、访问日期和时间、软硬件特征信息及您需求的网页记录等数据;
b) The information on your browser and computer that will not be automatically received and recorded by DM when you use DM network service, or access DM Wallet APP, including but not limited to the data, such as your IP address, browser type, language used, date and time of access, hardware and software feature information and web page records you need, etc;
c) DM通过合法途径从商业伙伴处取得的用户个人数据。
c) User’s personal data obtained by DM from business partners through legal channels.
You understand and agree that the following information shall not apply to the Privacy Policy:
a) 您在使用DM平台提供的搜索服务时输入的关键字信息;
a) Keyword information you entered when using the search service provided by DM platform;
b) DM收集到的您在DM发布的有关信息数据,包括但不限于参与活动、成交信息及评价详情;
b) Relevant information data released by you in DM that is collected by DM, including but not limited to the activities attended, transaction information and evaluation details;
c) 违反法律规定或违反DM规则行为及DM已对您采取的措施。
c) Act in violation of legal provisions or DM rules, and the measures DM has taken against you.
Information Security
a) DM帐号均有安全保护功能,请妥善保管您的钱包助记词信息。DM将通过对用户密码进行加密等安全措施确保您的信息不丢失,不被滥用和变造。尽管有前述安全措施,但同时也请您注意在信息网络上不存在“完善的安全措施”。
a) Security protection function shall be available for all DM accounts. Please keep your wallet mnemonic information properly. DM will ensure that your information is not lost, misused and altered through security measures, such as encrypting the users’ passwords, etc. In spite of the aforementioned security measures, please note that there is no “perfect security measure” on the information network.
b) 在使用DM网络服务进行网上交易时,您不可避免的要向交易对方或潜在的交易对方披露自己的个人信息,如联络方式或者邮政地址。请您妥善保护自己的个人信息,仅在必要的情形下向他人提供。如您发现自己的个人信息泄密,尤其是DM钱包助记词发生泄露,请您自己承担相应的后果,区块链世界里,无法找回丢失的东西。
b) When using DM network services for online transactions, you will inevitably disclose your personal information, such as contact information and postal address, to the counterparty or potential counterparty. Please keep your personal information properly and provide it to others only if necessary. Please bear the corresponding consequences by yourself in case of finding the leakage of your personal information, especially the leakage of DM wallet mnemonic, because it is impossible to recover the lost things in blockchain world.